A Vermont connection plugs in to global EV rallycross circuit

If you’re one of the growing number of American enthusiasts who covers performance rallying, especially as it exists on these shores, you know the exploits of the troupe at Vermont SportsCar, which prepares Subaru of America’s factory rally team from its do-anything fabrication facility not far from Lake Champlain in Milton, Vermont. VSC is the nation’s premier constructor of rally and rallycross competition machines, with multiple championships in its portfolio. VSC has just revealed it’s going to build a new type of car, all in house, for competition in a new variety of rallycrossing for electrified vehicles.

The two cars in the VSC photo are dubbed FC1-X, and will see combat in the Nitro RX rallycross circuit’s new Group E division for EVs. VSC’s facility in Milton can rival any NASCAR or IndyCar team’s headquarters in terms of clean-sheet fabricating and design capability, and will be building these rallycross cars from scratch to compete on the Group E circuit, which will include 10 events during its 2022-2023 season incorporating stops in England, Sweden, Finland, and Canada, plus several U.S. venues. The FC1-X is capable of some astounding numbers – 1,070 horsepower with all-wheel drive, 812-lbs.ft. of immediately available torque, and a 0-60 time estimated at 1.4 seconds. The driver lineup is longtime Subaru rally and x-sports star Travis Pastrana along with rising talent Conner Martel.

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