AMG wallop gets packaged into a bite-size C-Class Benz sedan

There’s high technology, advanced automotive thinking, and then there’s the stuff that emanates from the fertile minds at Mercedes-Benz. After introducing its hand-built – that’s no lie, the engines are assembled by individual tech teams just like Pontiac once specially built the Super Duty monsters – M139l performance engine in an SL-Class roadster, Mercedes-Benz and its tuning gurus at AMG have transplanted this innovative powertrain into a proper sedan to create the Mercedes-AMG C 43, as its officially called, a compactly sized way to create all the mayhem you can handle.

If you’ve got a real hankering to go out in traffic and play Lewis Hamilton, the C 43 may be just your ideal prescription. It uses induction technology lifted directly from Mercedes-Benz’s powertrains in Formula 1, under which the turbocharger is driven directly by the same 48-volt electrically supply that belt-feeds the starter motor and alternator. The electric motor boosts, pardon the pun, the turbocharger under maximum load, boosting the engine’s normal output of 402 horsepower by another 13. This is a very serious sedan, outfitted with standard rear-wheel steering, 4MATIC all-wheel drive with rear-oriented torque distribution and a nine-speed automatic transmission. The M139l, the last “I” indicating its longitudinal layout, is the world’s first series-production automotive engine fitted with an electric-gas turbo drive. Checks a lot of boxes for us, and maybe for you.

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