Hurricane season at Stellantis

No matter how much coverage the ongoing transition to electric vehicles receives, it’s still a fact that with more than 100 million of them out there in this country alone, the internal combustion engine is unlikely to vanish completely anytime soon. It’s a matter or personal preference or application-specific propriety. Stellantis, which now incorporates the erstwhile Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, has underscored this reality within the past week by announcing plans to build a new ICE family that’s not only twin-turbocharged but also, is a yummy straight-six, a layout known for good torque characteristics and a great exhaust note.

The new engine is called the Hurricane, which we happily note was a name once applied to a powerplant from Jeep, firmly in the Stellantis brand portfolio. Displacing 3.0 liters, which works out to 183 cubic inches, the Hurricane will come in two varieties: Standard output and high output, the latter with a claimed capability of 500 horsepower when both turbos are fully spooled up. From the outset, the Hurricane has been designed for adaptability to hybrid EV powertrains, with reduced tailpipe emissions and better fuel economy than the bigger-displacement engines it’s intended to replace. No specific applications have been announced yet, but Stellantis did disclose that the Hurricane is designed to be a proper fit in its new generation of EV-capable STLA platforms, which have been shown in earlier introductions underpinning future versions of pickups, SUVs and vans. So if this all sounds something akin to what Ford did by putting EcoBoost power in the F-150, your aim is likely true.

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