New power combos, advanced AWD for Mercedes-Benz vans

Some of the most intriguing new vehicles produced by Mercedes-Benz haul a lot more items other than really rich people. Mercedes-Benz Vans, as that segment of the pioneering automaker is formally known, now fights for sales with the Big Three for every van they market to a tradesman. For 2022 Work Truck week, Mercedes-Benz announced two very significant changes to its very successful Sprinter van lineup. They’ll continue to offer AWD models in a welter of configurations, only with a technical twist.

Aside from a freshened visage, four-wheeling Sprinters will now have an automatic AWD system that replaces the foregoing manually engaged setup. The new AWD system allows torque on demand with up to an even 50-50 split per axle. Elsewhere in the powertrain department, the Sprinter will transition to exclusively four-cylinder power, gasoline or diesel, with the new OM654 engine to be offered with two output levels. In all cases, the engines will be linked to a new 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission, with nine forward speeds.

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