Dubai Historics returns for repeat performance in November

Anything associated with Formula 1, even in the past tense, spells huge money, and slinging vintage cars at an event bookended with an F1 round just takes everything in the ionosphere, especially in this place. Dubai, unlike virtually every other state in the Middle East, is not blessed with gigantic petroleum reserves. As a result, the emirate’s leadership has focused on finance and tourism to underpin its booming economy. We chose “booming” intentionally: Besides having the world’s tallest building and an F1 date, Dubai has the second-highest number of five-star hotels of any nation on Earth. Fast cars are therefore a good fit here.

The second edition of the Historic Dubai Grand Prix Revival has been expanded to three days this year, running from November 25th through 27th five days after Formula 1 storms the same Dubai circuit that will host the vintage festival. The organizers say the event will be limited to 100 premium historic racing cars. The inaugural format of sports cars only is also being expanded to include veteran examples from the worlds of both F1 and endurance racing. Expect a huge crowd, because nearby Qatar will be hosting the World Cup at the same time Dubai celebrates going fast. Big money!

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