A Polak-perfect opportunity to acquire cool Porsche swag

If you’re at all familiar with Porsche’s heritage in the United States, you undoubtedly know about the legacy of Vasek Polak, who opened the nation’s first standalone Porsche dealership in 1959 and was brick in the foundation of its U.S. racing legacy, fielding privateer cars that ranged up to Can-Am ferocity. Polak’s descendants are keeping his legacy alive through memorabilia sales, and have picked an ideal place to hold them.

We know a guy who swears by the LA Lit and Toy Show, which specializes in all kinds of collectibles for Porsche and Volkswagen enthusiasts specifically, and which takes place this year on February 26th at the LAX Hilton in Los Angeles. Vasek Polak Jr. and his daughter Maurie will be on hand selling autographed archival photos and reproductions of the original Vasek Polak dealership license-plate frames that would set off your new 911 quite appropriately. The Polak family also operates a website where you can learn their history and score cool stuff.

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