Solterra going live at Subaru

Love the utility and durability of Subaru products? Wish that some of them had a level of EV capability? Wait no more, because Subaru of America has officially opened up the reservation process for locking in the purchase of a 2023 Subaru Solterra, jointly engineered by Subaru and Toyota and scheduled to be built in the United States. The reservation process allows buyers to select their Subaru dealer, pick trim and color, and pay a refundable reservation fee of $250. Final orders will be agreed upon with the customer’s Subaru retailer between April and May, subject to the Solterra’s final pricing, which has yet to be announced.

Besides opening up the Solterra reservation process, Subaru has also announced a partnership with EVgo, which operates the largest network of fast-charging EV “refueling” points in the United States. It will provide up to 800 public fast charging locations and more than 1,200 L2 charging stalls spanning 68 metropolitan areas and 35 states, all powered by 100 percent renewable energy. The Solterra will be the first all-electric vehicle in Subaru history, with an estimated range of 220 miles per charge and – naturally – all-wheel drive.

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