Range Rover reveals, um, range

Wordplay is wherever you create it, and Range Rover, the bespoke producer of luxury SUVs from the United Kingdom, is creating a new legacy for itself that involves non-hydrocarbon propulsion. The New Range Rover, as it’s being called, will take the historic firm into the world of fully electric power when it debuts next year as a 2024 model. In the interim, Range Rover is taking the same intermediate step as other automakers en route to full EVs, the development and sale of a plug-in hybrid.

The resulting vehicle, shown in recharging action above, is officially called the 2023 Range Rover P440e Extended-Range Plug-in Hybrid, to use its proper name. The New Range Rover is one of the industry’s few PHEVs with a DC rapid-charging capability of 50kW/hr. That allows the P440e to go from stone dead to 80 percent charged in less than an hour, with an accompanying full-electric range of 48 miles. A mild-hybrid V-6 is under the hood, with traditionalists able to opt for a twin-turbocharged V-8. Orders for the hybrid are being accepted now, with a suggested MSRP in the U.S. of $104,900.

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