GM’s EV plan: Vehicles and more, like this

General Motors may not be the world’s biggest automaker anymore but it still commands a footprint that casts a long shadow over the worlds of business and transportation. Today, GM is planning on adapting hydrogen fuel-cell technology to everything from heavy highway trucks to railroad locomotives, plus, obviously, passenger vehicles. The gradual pivot toward electric propulsion is going to create a whole universe of new infrastructure opportunities, and GM is poised to get a significant piece of this market, as well.

Appropriately decorated in enviro-happy shades of green, this is one of GM’s coming electric solutions. This is one of GM’s planned portable generators that it plans to create using its Generation 2 HYDROTEC fuel cell power cubes. This trailer could be towed just about anywhere to act as a portable charging station for EVs in remote areas where a network of soon-to-be-conventional EV charging stations doesn’t yet exist. One obvious potential customer for these Mobile Power Generators, or simply MPGs, is the U.S. military for both stateside and overseas operations. Another is any number of fuel stations or convenience stores looking for a stopgap way to reload EVs until they have a permanent charging infrastructure in place. All such MPGs will have fast-charging capability and could help replace some of the millions of conventional stationary generators now in existence, fueled by gasoline or diesel.

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