A racing tale takes a victory

About a year ago, I was assigned to create a history of a murderously unforgiving race track from the long-ago past, Langhorne Speedway, for a new quarterly publication on automotive history, Crankshaft. The assignment was important to me, given that Langhorne is the first place I personally watched a racing vehicle driven in anger, and I approached it with determination. Last week, that story, “Left Turn to Destiny,” was awarded first place in Feature writing by the Eastern Motorsport Press Association.

Like the cover blurb suggests, ask the man – or woman – who reads Crankshaft. It’s a premium-quality, high-page-count, quarterly journal that examines the history of both road and competition cars in unparalleled depth. This is a publication on automotive heritage that assigns racing cars equal weight. You’ll find detailed analyses of cars in its pages that most other magazines tend to miss. Issue number three, now shipping to readers, looks at diversity from an O.S.C.A. to a 1977 Citroen, with an early Peugeot, one of motoring history’s most technologically influential cars, also on the list. We’re serious about what we do. Visit the Crankshaft website and learn for yourself.

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