Ferrari history, writ large across 75 glorious years of production

The world has borne witness to numerous books about the men and automobiles of Maranello, but Ferrari only marks 75 years of existence, creating cars that bordered on the miraculous, only once. For that reason, we reached out for the newest in comprehensive U.S.-published reviews of Ferrari’s body of work, created by a respected American automotive historian. In Ferrari 75 Years, Dennis Adler’s just-published work on these landmark sports and racing cars, the author devotes coverage to all of the marque’s most significant models, starting with the 125S of 1947 all the way to La Ferrari, the current big-buck auction megastar.

The volume runs to 336 big portrait-format pages, several of which are devoted to every Ferrari model of significance, illustrated with both beauty and archival imaging that recount the prancing horse’s proud canter along the world’s most esteemed road circuit. If you’re a Ferrari owner or better yet, aspire to become one, this book will help make your obsession abundantly clear to the uninitiated. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that the foreword was contributed by our longtime pal Luigi Chinetti Jr., the son of Ferrari’s first U.S. importer, who owns a class win at Le Mans aboard one of the family N.A.R.T. Daytona coupes. Price is $50.

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