A Benz that makes Tesla sweat

It’s called the VISION EQXX, and it’s a tantalizing hint of what a full-size premium car might look like in the readily foreseeable future. The reason is that unlike pretty much every EV on the market today, or projected to arrive shortly, this Mercedes-Benz design study claims to erase the major obstacle to EVs being accepted, as real-world, workaday transportation alternatives. Mercedes-Benz reports that at least through computer simulations, the EQXX is capable of delivering 620 miles of range on a single charge of its battery pack, well beyond the distance that most people would ever attempt in a single-day drive. All of a sudden, finding a recharging station isn’t that big of an obstacle anymore.

Specifically, the performance estimate suggests that the EQXX is capable of burning just 10 KwH for every 100 kilometers of distance. Is this the invention of the no-fault, no-hassle EV? Time will tell, but consider a few things: The EQXX makes extensive use of cutting-edge materials including magnesium wheels for ultra-low friction and plant-based composite materials, Mercedes-Benz engineering concepts have a strong record of making it to volume production nearly intact, and that the EQXX’s drag coefficient of 0.17 beats the 1970s-era C111 concept car, with mid-mounted Wankel power, which was transformed into a rekordwagen and then hot-lapped the Daimler-Benz test track at 250 MPH some 50 years ago. Stay tuned.

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