Radical off-road resilience: New XRT trim for Hyundai Tucson

The basic looks of it ought to give anyone pause, as Hyundai’s design staff laded on holiday-proportion helpings of dramatic lines and angles when it drew up the vehicle that became today’s 2022 Hyundai Tucson. As if the midsize SUV already didn’t cause onlookers to involuntarily swivel their heads in surprise, Hyundai’s bumped things up still further by adding an off-road-themed XRT trim level for the Tucson, which can be specified for either front-drive or AWD models.

We love this Hyundai photo because the low morning sunlight shows all those styling cues in brightly illuminated relief. It also shows the Tucson XRT’s external visuals, namely the blacked-out alloy wheels, side mirror housings and window surrounds. The high-impact frontal styling treatment is also specific to the XRT model. Right now, the trim package will be exclusive to ICE-powered Tuscon models, with or without Hyundai’s HTRAC AWD technology. Pricing gets underway at $32,625.

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