Mullin collection receives U.K. honor for exquisite history

We already reported once this week on the doings at the second Historic Motoring Awards presentation that took place last week in London, where our friend Bill Warner from the Amelia Island concours was presented a lifetime achievement award. That wasn’t the only honor on motoring history that the U.K. group sent stateside. The Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, California, up the coast from Los Angeles, received the distinction of Museum/Collection of the Year, joining the group’s 2016 designation of founder Peter W. Mullin as recipient of the group’s Personal Achievement Award.

It’s arguably less immediately known than the nearby Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles or the Nethercutt Collection of Sylmar, largely because the Mullin Automotive Museum has only been in operation since 2010. But the Mullin is nearly alone among prominent American automotive collection for its concentrated focus about the cars, and particularly the design excellence, of France’s great automakers. The Mullin image above shows its Francophile devotion, here especially to Bugatti. The Mullin collection is one of America’s most eclectic and exclusive, and is fully deserving of a run up the Pacific Coast Highway to examine its exhibits.

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