Hyundai Santa Cruz captures accolades from D.C. scribes

Trucks, of all sizes and interpretations, are making big news right now. The Hyundai Santa Cruz, part of the emerging universe of really compact pickups, has been awarded the distinction of Best Pickup Truck by the community of journalists that make up the membership of the Washington Automotive Press Association, including yours truly. The recognition followed a wring-out of more than 20 new vehicles by the WAPA force at their annual October Fall Rally in North Beach, Maryland, on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

Hyundai doesn’t officially refer to the newly introduced Santa Cruz as a pickup, instead calling it a Sport Adventure Vehicle. But in announcing the award, WAPA specifically noted the Santa Cruz’s sport sedan-like driving manners along with a reasonable level of hauling capacity. Hyundai will be able to accept the accolade in January at the Washington D.C. Auto Show. This is a potential boom market, and the Santa Cruz is expected to notch significant sales numbers now that deliveries to buyers are getting underway in earnest.

One thought on “Hyundai Santa Cruz captures accolades from D.C. scribes

  1. I patiently waited for this vehicle for a few years after seeing the original concept vehicle. I really wanted one and I do like it, but I don’t get the four-door thing. Real pickups have one seat and two doors. There could be a reasonable size cargo bed if only the two rear doors were not there. Same goes for the Ford Maverick…missing the mark in my opinion. I miss my S-10!


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