Subtlety is the solution with Land Rover’s Metropolitan Edition

If you spent any time watching British TV dramas, you know that Land Rover models depicted therein tend to be a) decidedly old and used-up, and b) largely confined to rural settings, a la Midsomer Murders or more pointedly, Death in Paradise. It’s probably not the reason Land Rover is taking its latest marketing step, but it does, perhaps, help to explain the reasoning behind a new limited variant that’s going to be part of the Land Rover Discovery’s 2023 model year, the new Metropolitan Edition.

The Metropolitan Edition, which elliptically sounds like it could be on patrol in London, will be the top of the Discovery lineup, evolved from the R-Dynamic HSE model. The Metropoliltan look is themed in the form of Hakuba Silver lower bumper inserts, 22-inch Diamond Turned alloy wheels with Gloss Grey detailing, and Black Land Rover brake calipers. Standard accoutrements will include among their number a heads-up data display, heated steering wheel, powered and heated third row seating, a front cooler compartment and four-zone climate control. Advanced Tow Assist technology brings the rig’s rated capacity to 8,200 pounds. Discovery pricing will get out of the gate at $75,300 for 2023 models.

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