JDOW, and other writing adventures, go live online

In a little bit of shameless self-promotion, we’ve recently been the topic of an extensive video interview by fellow Floridian Jeff Sterns, who is the founder and host of Jeff Sterns Connected Through Cars, a globally connected podcast with streaming capability that’s updated every Wednesday with in-depth conversations involving interesting personages from worlds of cars and racing. Among the guests Jeff has introduced to the wider world are Malcolm Bricklin, who not only created his eponymous safety sports car but also gets credit for introducing the United States to Subaru; publishing and public relations icon Marty Schorr, and Derek Bell, who won the 24 Hours of Le Mans five times. Pretty good company.

You can visit Jeff’s website to stream the long-form interview, which is also posted in an abbreviated, introductory form on YouTube, and can be found by clicking here. Jeff’s also ordered the conversation into YouTube snippets that discuss the wild competition years at departed Flemington Fair Speedway and a great PR outing that Marty organized to commemorate one of the great modern American performance engines, the turbocharged Buick V-6. We also touch on recent doings at Hemmings Motor News, Speed Sport and Crankshaft. Tune in and crank it up.

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