Hey, J.R., check this one out!

The Texas State Fair takes place right next to the site of the Cotton Bowl, the original home of the Dallas Cowboys, and can be counted on annually for offerings that include fried beer – honest – fried bubble gum and if I remember right, fried Coca-Cola. Right outside the fairground gate is the shop of a guy I met who does a very big business transplanting overheating-resistant small-block Chevrolet V-8s into nightmarishly unreliable V-12 Jaguars. So using the Texas State Fair as the backdrop for an automotive event isn’t unprecedented. Stellantis did more than the usual heavy lifting by using the fair to tease several special edition of its full-size Ram pickups, including one such truck that’s totally Texas.

Given the fact that one of those trucks pivots off an iconic Texas location, we couldn’t resist. The new 2020 Ram Longhorn SouthFork, as Stellantis puncutates the name, doesn’t direct evoke the home of the world’s most famed fictitious dysfunctional family but instead replaces the Limited Longhorn 10th Anniversary edition in the full-size Ram – we’d prefer it if the Dodge nameplate was still being used here – pickup lineup. It gets a standard specific Mountain Brown suede-trimmed interior package plus a multi-function tailgate, spray-in cargo bed liner plus Falken Wildpeak all-terrain tires. As the maximum-luxury big truck from Stellantis, pricing will open at $61,620.

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