HMMA hits the 5 million mark

When the jetliner banks gently to the west on final approach to Montgomery, Alabama, where some of the world’s best barbecue and gumbo awaits, you glance out the window and all of a sudden, find yourself peering down on a giant Hyundai logo. So big, in fact, that it covers the roof of an even bigger structure, and automotive assembly plant. It’s totally unexpected yet this is it, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama, the South Korean auto giant’s main assembly facility for the North American market. From Seoul to Sweet Home Alabama, Hyundai’s been cranking out vehicles in Montgomery for 17 years now. It’s now a compass point on the map of domestic automotive production. Fittingly, it’s now achieved an output milestone.

HMMA has reached its 5 millionth vehicle since Hyundai began final assembly operations in Montgomery way back in May 2005. The actual landmark was set when a 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz rolled off the line, to great cheers from the workforce, joining the plant’s foregoing production of 2,562,880 Sonatas, 1,489,568 Elantras, 908,779 Santa Fes, 36,989 Tucsons, and 1,784 Santa Cruzes, the latter two models added to Montgomery’s menu of products following a major expansion of the plant. Progress marches onward!

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