Aggressive visuals, interior “wows” for 2022 Tundra

Toyota has been playing things very close to the vest when discussing the anticipated fall rollout of the next-generation 2022 Tundra full-size pickup. Very prudent, given the fact that throughout its existence, the Tundra has proven every bit as capable of landing blows for power and utility as the erstwhile home-team entries from Ford, General Motors and Stellantis. Aside from releasing an imposing overall view of the rig, Toyota’s been playing the tease.

The front end is somewhat reminscent of something hooked at a B.A.S.S. gathering, but anyway, nobody’s going to miss this thing when it trundles past in a few month. The few images Toyota has release promise a full plate of interior goodies, very much befitting a player in this lofty, high-profit segment. Seating choices with (apparently breathable) Toyota Racing Development branding, a multi-function control wheel for AWD, terrain and towing functions, and an integrated smartphone holder/charger next to the center consoles are among the accommodation previews we’ve seen so far. So stay tuned.

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