Nightfall brings brightness to Kia Seltos model lineup

Small SUVs, whether they fit your needs or otherwise, are undeniably toasty when it comes to buyer appeal. One such punter, to use the British colloquialism, is the Kia Seltos, which has been in our showrooms for about a year now and is a demonstrated sales success. If you’re encountering the Seltos for the first time in this space, it’s indeed a little thing, kind of in the Buick Encore mold, and built on the joint Hyundai-Kia K2 platform that also underpins the Kia Rio and the Hyundai Venue. Based on its appeal, the Seltos is now getting an additional model in its lineup, with the appealing boost of turbocharged power.

Specifically, the new entry is the 2022 Kia Seltos Nightfall Edition, which boasts not only artfully subdued visuals, but standard all-wheel drive – a key consideration in this segment – plus Kia’s 1.6-liter Turbo GDI four-cylinder engine, rated at a robust 175 horsepower, and mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The full Kia suite of Forward Collision Avoidance Assist driver aids is standard, along with a 10.25-inch multi-function touchscreen that boasts UVO link connectivity. Suggested price: $26,690.

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