Kids, cars and a concours: Three reasons to go to Philadelphia

And you can add a fourth reason to that list, Corvettes, but first, the particulars: Cool Cars for Kids, as good an organization as you’re likely to ever find, is organizing a Competition Concours within the Philadelphia Concours d’Elegance. The one-day showing, set for July 17th, is done to support one of the world’s great medical institutions, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, in its efforts to aid the families of youngsters facing genetic disorders. The concours will officially be marking its fourth anniversary after last year’s two-day happening became a pandemic casualty. The location is the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in South Philadelphia, acclaimed widely as the world’s premier private collection of unrestored racing cars. Its founder, Dr. Fred Simeone, is a native of Philly and a world authority on pediatric neurosurgery who, before his retirement, served on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and authored a medical textbook on the subject that’s still considered standard in its field. So it’s entirely appropriate that Fred’s museum is hosting this showing.

We think this Dara N. King image from the concours’ 2019 edition perfectly captures what this event is really all about. That’s not to suggest we overlook the actual subject matter, because July’s event will include an invitation-only gathering of historic Corvettes, along with a panel discussion of Corvette racers from the past who are scheduled to include Tony DeLorenzo, who raced the Owens-Corning L88 Corvettes in the 1960s and 1970s; and George Wintersteen, a club racer from Philadelphia who turned pro and wheeled the fabled Corvette Grand Sport after being hired by a young Chevy dealer from West Philly named Roger Penske.

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