Artful interiors, natural materials define Lexus concept vehicle

Take a good look at the photo. If you’re musing that the cabin in the image looks like something out of an Ikea catalog, you’re not off base, and that’s not a bad thing. Not everybody is immediately taken by the combination of soft tones, leather and touchscreen displays that define modern automotive environments. for its forthcoming LF-Z Electrified, as the battery-powered concept vehicle is being called, goes in a very new direction where occupant packaging is concerned. Using virtual modeling, Star footwear designer Salehe Bembury, digital artist Ondrej Zunka and Japanese fashion label Hender Scheme have come up with an interior treatment that’s wholly unlike anything in recent recall, even for a concept vehicle. Look at the interplay between the materials.

Looks almost like Norwegian living space thematically, right? Inspired largely by images of landscapes – the nautical variety? – the artists have employed atypical materials including cedar, cork, and as the steering helm implies, granite. Other potential treatments include a tech treatment with interior fabric patterns inspired by electrical diagrams, and a monochromatic soft leather effect. One of these themes, at least in part, should make it to the salon floors once the concept vehicle’s final treatment is determined.

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