Mercedes-Benz redefines executive luxury with EQS

Everybody knows by now, or ought to know, how Mercedes-Benz defines luxury with its premium sedans. They’re full size, enough so to accommodate a full cabin of VIPs going places with dispatch. They’re compulsively engineered with eyes focused closely on performance and occupant safety. They go really quick in a thoroughly unflappable manner. And they aren’t cheap by any means. Bringing these parameters into a single package seamlessly, with dignity, is what Mercedes-Benz produces, especially in the form of its S-Class executive sedans. The world may be changing, but the advanced exclusivity of a Mercedes-Benz automobile does not. We are going to see that statement of terms publicly reinforced this autumn, when Mercedes-Benz begins building its new EQS series of all-electric luxury sedans.

The EQS will be the first Mercedes-Benz vehicle built using its new modular architecture for EVs, and will be produced at the Sindelfingen assembly plant alongside the existing S-Class sedans by Mercedes-Benz and Maybach. The manufacturer is promising that when the EQS arrives, its bodywork will have a drag coefficient of just 0.20, the lowest of any production automobile, will make extensive use of artificial intelligence including the world of haptic perception, and as the photo indicates, be wired to the max. The EQS will be able to “reason” responses to inputs, some of them projected via the MBUX digital Hyperscreens that form part of the interior presentation.

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