Taycan software updates renew

Positively wild looking, the Taycan is Porsche’s first all-electric vehicle, a four-door sport saloon that entered production in late 2019 after first appearing as a concept, the Porsche Mission E, at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. Since making its first deliveries of 2020 Taycans, Porsche has upgraded its software suite for the car, including programs that manage road dynamics and intra-vehicle system communications. Porsche has recently taken a step on after-sale service that’s soon going to be a lot more common in the world of cars, especially electric ones. Current Taycan owners can upgrade to current software that manages functions including the car’s adaptive air suspension ride height and updates to the navigation system.

Taycan owners can acquire these over-the-air software updates when the Porsche Communication Management program loaded into the vehicle makes a notification about an available upgrade. The owner can access the Porsche Connection Store to get the upgrade as either an individual purchase or ongoing subscription. After registration is complete, the PCM program sends a data package over a mobile connection directly into the car’s database, which automatically activates the new software. Cool stuff, requiring only a valid credit card with the appropriate purchase limit.

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