A magazine that people who love cars can call their own

After a lot of work and planning, and a lot of belief that we could really pull this off, we have just launched a magazine about cars, and their history, that we really think you’re going to find inspiring. Crankshaft is a new, premium-quality, perfect-bound quarterly magazine that’s really going to be more like a reference book on the history of cars and motorsport. It’s got a stellar cast of authors and photographers that bring a wealth of institutional knowledge about the subject matter to its lavishly produced pages. And it’s a journey into motoring’s glorious past that you can join, right now, without being concerned about disappointment.

This is an actual capture of the first issue’s cover. Glancing at the story lineup can provide you with an indication of just how broad and eclectic the selection of automobiles within Crankshaft’s pages will be in each edition of the magazine. Besides myself, the list of contributors to Crankshaft include its founder and editor, Richard Lentinello, plus other luminaries such as David LaChance, Walter Gosden and Milton Stern. We’re not grabbing the low-hanging fruit here. Every story in every issue of Crankshaft will be the sort of authoritative, meticulously researched, exhaustively written history that people who really like cars – and more importantly, understand them – will be able to fully appreciate. My own contributions to the inaugural issue include the story of Tucker 48 number 1044, the only such car ever restored with the direct participation of Preston Tucker’s descendants; plus an appreciation of Harry Armenius Miller’s brilliant designs for 1920s racing cars, and the story of the lethal Langhorne Speedway as told in part by Mario Andretti, one of the few surviving racers who actually drove there. We are very proud of this title. You can purchase the inaugural issue for $12.95, or sign up for a year at $56.95, by directing your browser to the publisher’s website. You won’t regret doing so.

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