Audi e-tron GT copiously delivers power, dramatic lines

Audi’s pivot to electron power is about to accelerate. Its portfolio of EVs has just grown by two models with the introduction of the e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT, the latest steps toward Audi’s stated goal of making EVs 30 percent of its overall automotive output by 2025, in keeping with the Paris Climate Agreement and its own objective of total carbon neutrality by 2050. This much is clear: Getting a clean tailpipe from Audi will never be inexpensive, but it will scarcely be boring, either. The huge-diameter wheels and theatrically pronounced wheel arches give the e-tron a nearly 1930s countenance. If it wasn’t called an Audi, the interlocking rings might have easily made it an Auto Union. Or a Horch, or a Wanderer.

We wonder if this will become a green trend: Nappa leather is available for the e-tron, but the standard interior is animal-friendly by being leather-free, making extensive use of recycled materials plus Dinamica and Alcantara coverings. But this is a redefinition of the luxury performance sedan that reflects current realities: Electric motors powering all four wheels, four-wheel steering, three-chamber air suspension, and with the RS, a two-speed automatic transmission. Depending on model, horsepower ranges from the e-tron GT’s total of 522 to the RS e-tron GT, which has a rating of up to 637 horsepower, with launch control and overboost. If you’ve ever wondered what push-to-pass feels like in IndyCar, this car may help you understand. Prices will range from $99,900 to $139,900. Up next is a Q4 e-tron, due next year.

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