Audi Q5 grows a Sportback

If you were an auto executive, what would you do with your best-selling model? The smartest answer is to keep broadening its appeal. In the House of Audi, that distinction goes to the Q5 crossover, a compact not-quite-SUV that’s part of the B8 family of models, riding on the Audi MLB platform. The Sportback designation, which extends to the A7 and A5, adds a measure of disciplined aggression to the Q5’s outward appearance. Two such models have just been announced, the 2021 Q5 Sportback and SQ5 Sportback. Both variants have sporting pretensions, with one key difference.

That difference, as you might guess, is in the engine bay. The Q5 Sportback’s power comes from the 2.0-liter TFSI inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine, which Audi rates at 261 horsepower. Opt for the SQ5 Sportback, and you step up to the TFSI V-6, displacing 3.0 liters and capable of 349 horsepower. In either case, you get an automatic transmission (seven and eight speeds, respectively) and quattro full-time all-wheel drive. Appointments, led by a 12.3 inch touchscreen, are generously numerous.

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