Entertainment, EV style

With limited socializing feasible, in-home diversion of any kind is welcome, all the better when you can explore transportation topics in the process. You don’t even need to be in your La-Z-Boy to take part. Volkswagen has created a way to have a salon- or showroom-type experience with a new car, almost a pressed-against-the-glass episode, using your smartphone. This is significant development, especially when you consider that the New York Automobile Show has already been pushed back for 2021 to August from its normal springtime date. So a close examination of a car that literally drops into your lap is nothing small.

The photo, depicting the yet-to-be-introduced ID.4 electric vehicle, is the artificial-reality “showroom” that Volkswagen has created to promote its rollout, which had an online debut last week. By going here and downloading a Volkswagen smartphone app, you can do a 360-degree walkaround of the ID.4, zoom in, and even customize its appearance with your choice of factory colors and wheel selections. All you’ve got to do is scan in the QR code you’ll spot on the Veedub page. We like this.

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