Electrifying classic Range Rovers

We’ve introduced you in the past to the labors of Lunaz, the boffins based in historic Silverstone, England, who have been converting some esteemed British classics into full-electric vehicles for monied clients with an eye for both environmental responsibility and tweedy tradition. As its latest gambit, Lunaz is commenmcing production of classic Range Rovers – to many, the original luxury SUVs, first produced from 1970 through 1994 – as EVs for both drivers and those who preferred to be driven around by others. A total run of 50 Lunaz Range Rovers is envisioned.

The Range Rovers will be offered with both standard and long wheelbases. Specific models will be offered as Town specification, emphasizing rear-seat accommodations for chauffeured owners, and Country, which will instead be equipped to offer a full off-roading experience. At Lunaz, it’s not just a matter of repowering these British classic off-roaders with the firm’s proprietary electric powertrain. Rather, each Range Rover is taken down to bare metal as part of the remanufacturing process, a process that includes the installation of modern, improve suspension and braking components. The interior outfitting is a bespoke procedure, with a full selection of highly selectable premium-quality materials. Speaking of premiums, the announced price for a Lunaz Range Rover is 245,000 British pound, which translates today to around $327,500.

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