Beat the snow; become a racer

Sure, there are days when I miss living in the Northeast. The ones that come between right now and, say, Easter, aren’t among them. I hate snow and probably, so do you. And if you’re reading this, you’ve already demonstrated that you like cars. Here’s a way to combine emancipation from the gloom of an endless winter with opportunity to go fast legally and have a blast doing both. Come February, my pal Brian Redman, who lives just down the coast from me, is combining with his son James to present his Targa Sixty Six, one of the nation’s premier gatherings of vintage racers and their prized machinery, on the road course at Palm Beach International Raceway, with the dates set for February 19th through 21st. Track time is booked all three days for race cars of the past that are essentially divided into three performance-based groups. There’s a place at this event for everything from a vintage Formula 1 car with a documented racing history down to bathtub Porsches and the odd O.S.C.A.

The James Cucinotta photo of a Ferrari 312 PB built in 1972 – the same car that Brian drove for the SEFAC Ferrari works team when it won the World Manufacturers Championship for sports cars that same year – exemplifies the type of equipment that gets seen, and driven in anger, during a typical running of the Targa Sixty Six. The 2021 edition will mark the event’s 30th running. Guests at the race meets have run from David Hobbs and Hurley Haywood to Richard Attwood and Sir Stirling Moss. To properly work out their racing classics, attendees can look forward to six to eight hours of track time daily at Palm Beach. Go to Brian’s website and you can both reserve a spot for Targa Sixty Six and book a room. If you have more questions than that, James Redman can be reached at or 772-713-7322.

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