Hey, Ahnold! Look, over here!

Here’s a textbook case of both nostalgia and foresightedness sharing an unlikely partnership. Hummer, born of AM General and battlefield glory and redefined by General Motors as a symbol of excess in the era before climate consciousness evolved, is making a comeback as an environmentally responsible vehicle. Honest. We’re not playing this for laughs here. The petroleum-swilling titan that was so beloved of celebrities was rebooted this week by GM, born anew as an off-roader for a world where climate change is no longer just a theory. Reservations are now officially being accepted for the Hummer EV, as it’s now going to be known, with production expected to commence about a year from now at GM’s Factory ZERO Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center, an existing plant that is receiving a $2.2 billion upgrade to produce these awesomely profitable vehicles in volume. Initially, the Hummer EV will be offered in a single, everything-included trim level, called the Edition 1, whose attributes will include a six-position tailgate, power rear cab window, power tonneau cover and removable glass roof panels.

When it rolls out as a 2022 model, the Hummer EV Edition 1 will have a base MSRP of $112,565; you can go here to reserve your own. It’s important to make clear that despite its enormous price, the Hummer EV promises to firmly lead the truck segment in any number of performance categories, despite its all-electric architecture. GM is estimating a best-in-class equivalent of 1,000 horsepower, fed through three traction motors allowing full all-wheel drive, with a 0-60 projection of three seconds flat. The Hummer EV will also boast segment-exclusive all-wheel steering with CrabWalk, which essentially allows the rig to travel diagonally across obstacles. The package also includes Adaptive Air Suspension that provides six additional inches of ground clearance on an as-needed basis, multiple underbody cameras with up to 18 selectable views for obstacle avoidance, a towing capacity of up to 11,500 pounds, and plates to protect the motors and batteries. The Hummer EV will have a range of about 350 miles of normal driving, and feature 800-volt DC fast charging, compatible with 350kW charging stations. Super Cruise technology will also allow for autonomous driving. Will it succeed? Yes, because the economy still produces enough wealth to support this kind of very conspicuous consumption.

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