A record-setting Subiepalooza

You can find your way into the Guiness Book of World records by running in place until you collapse, singing “Feelings” at karaoke until everyone in earshot likewise collapses, or by making interminable political speeches until the government you purport to run collapses, too. Not every such attempt at immortality, or at least notoriety, necessarily has to end in calamity. Subaru of America is about to prove as much.

On Sunday, October 4th, Subaru will make a crack at making history when it attempts to hold the world’s largest-ever (longest-ever?) parade for same-make motor vehicles at the 2020 Subaru Tecnica International Subiefest in Costa Mesa, California. Marque-specific rallies like this are a very big deal in Subieworld, and the Costa Mesa happening is one of the biggest each year. Held at the OC Fair & Expo Center in Orange County, the event is aimed to host a one-time parade of more than 2,000 Subarus, most of them owner-customized and -modified. Full disclosure: I drive a Legacy with the Limited package and positively love it after many years of driving Volvos. Sponsored by STI, the performance arm of Subaru, the Subiefest parade is predicted to be two miles long, at least. In lieu of tickets, Subaru is asking attendees to instead donate five bucks, which Subaru will match and then distribute to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and to Second Harvest Orange County as part of the Subaru Love Promise. If you’re into the flat-engine flyers, this event’s got your name on it. Learn more, including the full schedule, by clicking here.

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