Kia K5’s prime-time strut

Assuming you find this somehow consequential, the Emmy Awards are on TV tonight; we’ll leave it to you to discover the telecast’s time and network. The 72nd annual exercise in self-validation will include some incidences of product placement involving the 2021 Kia K5 sedan, including, believe it or not, a ballyhooed ramp-to-ramp jump. That would seem to be appropriate, given the fact that the awards ceremony is dedicated to the medium that’s brought us The A-Team, T.J. Hooker and countless other performances where this type of stunt is commonplace.

Forgive the yawn and suffocating boredom over the awards fest. The more relevant news is the car itself, the highest-performance midsize sedan that Kia has yet offered. New for 2021, the K5 is obviously inspired thematically by the Kia Stinger sport sedan, and rides on the new N3 platform. While it’s only recently begun reaching the showrooms, the K5 (any car that shares its name with an Altoona Works-built Pennsylvania Railroad steam locomotive is a winner in our book) will be offered in four trim levels, including a pulse-punching GT version, with both available all-wheel-drive, a full lineup of turbocharged engine choices, and eight-speed transaxles in both automatic and manual configurations. Replacing the outgoing Optima sedan, which enjoyed an impressive decade-long run in this market, the Georgia-built K5 grows in wheelbase, overall length and overall width, parameters that can translate into a roomier passenger cabin. Enjoy the show.

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