Hummer EV due next month

Don’t you just love this kind of stuff? Hummer, in its revived guise as a sub-brand of GMC (think LaSalle and Cadillac, Marquette and Buick, or Erskine and Studebaker, only this is anything but a price-positioning gambit), is getting ready to roll out its first – only – all-electric pickup truck and has been periodically issuing forth a series of teasers on what the vehicle will be all about. This latest entry sets the formal Hummer EV rollout for October 20th, while also providing a hint of some performance capabilities. The Hummer EV will come with both four-wheel steering and what’s being called Crab Mode, a feature that will allow the rig to move diagonally, guided by all four wheels.

That helps to explain why this Great Leap Sideways has the little guy in the corner of the photo as a prop. The Hummer EV, which will have the equivalent of 1,000 horsepower and a 0-60 time of three seconds flat, can move in a crablike fashion. Which brings us to crabs, a highly enjoyable dining experience, even if getting them in the shell can amount to a messy eating experience that involves a heap of spiced, steamed crustaceans, a mallet, a flat knife for prying the shell, newspaper spread over a butcher-block table, and a big roll of paper towels. Plus, for many of us, a bib. My favorite place is Phillips Seafood in the inner harbor of Baltimore, followed closely by the legendary Sambo’s Tavern along the water off Route 9 in Leipsic, Delaware. Haven’t gotten to sample the crab scene in Florida yet due to the pandemic.

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