Shock-inducing visuals help define Hyundai’s reimagined Tucson

If the teaser photo doesn’t abruptly arouse your whoopee quotient, then you’re likely more level-headed than the majority of humanity. If you haven’t been actively tracking it, consider the recent cars that have emerged from South Korea, and we’re specifically referring to things like the new-generation Hyundai Elantra and the Kia Stinger. Visually, they grip you by both lapels and shake you violently. These folks are going to ensure that you notice their products whether you’re actively trying to or not. In about a week, Hyundai will undertake the reveal of its Tucson compact SUV, complete with visuals – both inside and out – that will commands anyone’s attention in immediate, stop-all-motion fashion.

The overreaching theme with the redesigned Tucson is known as Sensuous Sportiness, and its stabbing strip of taillamp lighting in the teaser photo explains a lot about what’s going on here. It’s going to be the first SUV in its class to be offered under the same name with two different wheelbases. The taillamps hint at a signature styling theme known as Parametric Dynamics, which is essentially a semi-hidden treatment for the Tucson’s exterior lighting. Its daytime running lamps will show up as geometric elements in the frontal styling, the lamps located behind dramatic slits that present almost like the grille used to on cars of the past. The interior is being described as a dual cockpit, with no conventional instrument cluster, adding to a more open and airy environment. The worldwide Tucson reveal is set for September 15th.

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