Advanced cabin for VW ID.4

Volkswagen’s groundbreaking all-electric SUV, the ID.4, will be formally introduced later this month but as you might expect, the manufacturer is starting to gradually tell the world what this new vehicle is all about. Built on the Volkswagen MEB platform, the ID.4 promises a copiously roomy cabin, in keeping with its SUV purposing. Flush-mounted door handles (a la Tesla) will allow entry, and the interior will allow more than 30 cubic feet of cargo area, even with the rear seat locked in its up position. But infotainment is a big part of today’s motoring experience, and that is where the ID.4 is expected to shine brightly.

Note the graphic vehicle guide in the display directly ahead of the driver. The floating center display is located and operates independently of the center console, which is a freestanding component. The driver can select ambient instrument lighting from a palette of 30 colors, with adjustable brightness. The ID.4’s signature interior feature will be called ID.Light. It’s a strip located below the base of the windshield that reports vehicle conditions in intuitive colors, informing the driver whether the vehicle’s drive system is active or whether the doors are unlocked. It’s linked to the driver-assist and navigation systems, and can also alert to incoming phone calls. Among other personalization options, the ID.4 will allow drivers to select colors for the interior panels, steering wheel, steering column and the display housing.

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