Got $100? Make some history

If you’ve been following this space specifically and the automotive world in general, you know about how some automakers have been making a practice of getting buyers to reserve vehicles before they’re introduced by putting down cash deposits, in the expectation that hordes of buyers are going to run on dealers once important new products are released for sale. Probably the best-known recent example has been at the Ford Motor Company, which experienced success in getting the public to plunk down cash for its coming, all-electric Mustang Mach-E. Now, Volkswagen of America is borrowing a page from that playbook. It’s allowing buyers to get in line for its first electric SUV, the ID.4, which will be revealed on September 23rd.

Here’s the deal: Immediately after next month’s reveal, you’ll be able to access a new portal at the VoA website, which will allow you to build your own ID.4 online and make a refundable $100 reservation to get in the queue. After you’ve gotten a place in line, you’ll be able to lock in your ID.4 configuration and confirm your order by putting down an additional $400. The website will then hand the buyer off to one of Volkswagen’s 600 dealerships in the U.S. to finalize the vehicle purchase and arrange delivery. For potentially hot-selling vehicles, this process eliminates considerable hassle from the ordering process. Thumbs up. Expect to see more of this, given that Volkswagen expects to have sold 26 million EVs globally by 2026.

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