A Bolt from the blue

Need a trivia contest for your next socially distanced gathering? How about challenging your guests to describe the differences between the Chevrolet Volt and its electron-powered stablemate, the Chevrolet Bolt. Since you’ll be the contest organizer, here’s a cheat sheet: The Volt is a five-door compact hatchback, built in two generations beginning with the 2011 model year, that has a plug-in hybrid powertrain. The Bolt, on the other hand, is an all-electric vehicle, a hatchback that competes in the subcompact market. Also known as the Bolt EV, it’s been in production since late 2016, succeeding the previous Chevrolet Spark EV. Despite its resemblance to the gasoline-fueled, Gamma-platform Spark, and the fact that they’re built on adjoining assembly lines in Lake Orion, Michigan, the Bolt and Spark don’t share most components. The Bolt is due for a freshening, and a line expansion, that’s coming to market next summer.

Chevrolet has chosen to share an image of what’s going to be the biggest Bolt from the future once the line gets its 2021 redo, a new Bolt EUV, essentially a very compact SUV that’s kind of like another General Motors product, the hydrocarbon Buick Encore/Chevrolet Trax, at least in terms of packaging. Aside from the larger-capacity body, the Bolt EUV will be most noteworthy for offering Super Cruise, which GM touts as the first true hands-free autonomous driving package suitable for use in highway traffic.

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