Bentley luxury. Car optional.

If you’ve been reading this space regularly, you’re aware that Bentley Motors, arguably the second most-prestigious British automotive nameplate – a distinction some might bestow on McLaren – is marking its ongoing 100th birthday bash. If you visit the Bentley website, you’ll learn that the nameplate is about more than cars, and offers a whole range of lifestyle niceties and anniversary collectibles for its dedicated fans. You can find everything (at a price) ranging from fountain pens to napkin rings to a huge, 1/8th-scale replica of a Continental GT whose cost tops nine grand. In the same spirit, Bentley is also in the business of formulating men’s fragrances. Honest.

The announcement out of Crewe last week told the story: Bentley Fragrances – there is such a thing – has an addition to its Bentley For Men range, called Silverlake, which we presume was not inspired by the name of the eponymous residential area in Los Angeles. The perfume is said to be blended from sustained and natural ingredients. From the announcement: “As the heart of the fragrance unfolds, the green, moist-earth accents of violet leaf absolute evoke a majestic forest, touched by the frosty bite of pink pepper essence. The cool sheen of lavender hints at the silver water of a lake, reflecting the clear blue sky. Boosting these bracing accords, a powerful blend of ambery woods carried by a breeze of pure white musk give the scent its crisp, modern, long-lasting trail.” Fittingly, the fragrance forms its scent inside a silver flask, its cap ringed with Bentleyesque knurling. The cost is 69.50 pounds Sterling for 100 milliliters, which translates to $88.77 in American currency, only you can’t buy this bottle of Eau de Doo-Dah Day in the United States, for reasons that aren’t explained. Guess we’ll be sticking with Old Spice a while longer.

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