Cue those warm inner sighs

Coronavirus. Economic trauma. Unrest across the social landscape. We’re all dealing with greatly heightened anxiety now, and have been for months on end, with pretty much everybody looking for a way to manage it. Not every therapy out there is either healthy or legal. But at the very least, this global condition of jangled nerves is being recognized in a variety of ways. You may be interested to learn that this Saturday, August 15th, is National Relaxation Day. And rather than risk turning it into a Hallmark holiday like National Secretary’s Day or National Lasagna Day, Lincoln has decided to recognize the occasion by offering buyers of its new vehicles access to Calm, the mobile app that describes itself as the world’s leading digital application to promote mental health. No quips or criticism, please, because this is a serious matter to many people who are only trying their best to navigate an unsettling, uncertain world.

Lincoln first teamed up with the app last year, offering about 1,500 buyers access to Calm through a pilot program in targeted cities. According to Lincoln, 97 percent of the buyers who signed up found the experience beneficial. This time, Lincoln will offer buyers in North America a one-year, complimentary premium membership to Calm, available through the Ford luxury brand’s Lincoln Way app, through which buyers will be able to access and establish a Calm account. It will augment niceties such as Lincoln Embrace, which provides 30-way power front seats with, honest, massage capability. Calm offers users in 190 nations, speaking six languages, access to hundreds of audio files that will allow you to breathe deep and unclench your muscles. We say it beats kicking holes in your drywall when things get tense.

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