Audi’s lineup for 2021 includes more tech, power for A4

Yes indeed, life goes on, included inside the salons where very smart, committed people are at work designing new generations of vehicles for us. Audi returned to the real world this week by doing a group announcement of its 2021 model range. Taken as a whole, the changes are largely transitory, given the fact that a lot of what Audi builds was given a major redo for 2020. That’s the case with the Q3, A8 and A4 ranges, the last of which will head into a new model year with additional powertrain output, plus more technology and driver aids to keep folks behind the wheel happy.

Four-cylinder models in the A4 (and A5, also) range will see their standard output rating increase by 13hp in 2021, while a 12-volt mild-hybrid powertrain will also be newly offered in both of those Audi ranges. Quattro all-wheel drive will also become standard for the TFSI-powered A4. Among the interior goodies that are new are the Audi smartphone interface with wireless Apple CarPlay, lane-departure warning, and a new integrated toll module or ITM, all also standard for 2021. The A4’s optional Convenience package now adds a heated steering wheel and parking assist with front and rear sensors. Depending on appointment level, A4 base prices with quattro and the 2.0-liter TFSI engine will range from $39,100 to $49,400.

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