Love shifting? Try Hyundai

We recently told you, very enthusiastically, about MINI going all in on cars that let their drivers manually change gear. We’re happy to report they’re not alone, as Hyundai picked this week to introduce its enhanced Veloster N, an evolution of the sport coupe that’s developed a strong following among track-day types. The suffix on its name refers to N DCT, the Veloster’s entirely new eight-speed wet dual-clutch transmission, a powertrain advance that combines the sheer joy of rowing your own gears with the hassle-free experience of an automatic.

The N DCT utilizes electronic actuators that operate the transmission’s dual clutches. The clutches are bathed in oil, which improves both lubrication and cooling, the latter being an important consideration in spirited driving. The Veloster N embraces Hyundai’s 1.6-liter turbocharged engine with 201hp. Electronic controls, configured from the car’s infotainment screen, allow for maximum-power upshifts at more than 90 percent throttle, permit turbo overboost and an effective push-to-pass for enhanced shifting performance, and can select the right gear based on dynamic driving conditions. Sport bucket seats are optionally available, and the whole package is happily wrapped in the Veloster’s dramatic lines, which subjectively represent an improvement over the somewhat lumpy Tiburon that preceded it. Veloster N sales will begin in South Korea this month.

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