A beauteous volume of rallying history from Great Britain

You’ve got to hand it to our cousins across the Pond; they’re really exceptional when it comes to recounting the history of the automobile. As a case study, we offer this new volume from our friends at Veloce Publishing Ltd. in the United Kingdom. The Great British Rally is ostensibly the 75-year heritage of a single event, originally known as the RAC Rally and now called Rally Great Britain. But thanks to the author, this huge, lavish book will stand as not only the tale of one rally, but an excellent overview of this frenetic brand of motorsport’s longstanding practice on the United Kingdom’s hedgerow-lined lanes.

Graham Robson, ably assisted here by former rally navigator Martin Holmes, was uniquely well-suited for this project. Robson is the author of more than 160 books on motoring history, in addition to holding staff positions at Autocar and with the managment staffs of both Standard-Triumph and Rootes. This hardbound history runs to 224 sidebar-laden pages, utterly rich with both results (there’s an appendix chapter listing all winners) and historic period photos. It’s excellent work, and Veloce’s stocklist is chockablock with titles on rally events, cars and British marque histories. Staying inside, we hope? This title will help enormously when it comes to making the time pass. We highly recommend any title from Graham’s body of work. You can find and order this book stateside by pointing your browser to our friends at Quarto, which also boasts plenty of other motoring-related books. The U.S. price is $60.00 and the ISBN is 978-1-787113-68-8.

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