A new participant from the USA joins up with the hypercar fray

“Hypercar.” It’s not a reference to a futuristic flying mega-vehicle like Gerry and Sylvia Anderson once visualized with marionettes in producing Supercar for kids’ TV in the late 1950s, but instead it’s a new addition to the automotive lexicon. It refers to an insanely overpowered and suicidal-fast coupe or GT, most of the time with hybrid ICE/electric power hitting the ground. Up until now, this ozone-level market has been the exclusive stomping grounds of Europeans, who traditionally have always had a leg up when it comes to really extreme automobiles. But right now, a California-base concern is right on the cusp of launching into this exclusive orbit in a very big way.

Prepare yourselves for the imminent arrival of the Czinger 21C, which will be unveiled to the world early next month at the Geneva International Motor Show 2020. What is it? It’s the latest in the emerging world of ultra-expensive, ultra-performance cars aimed at drivers with at least some access to such things as track days. Pronounced “zinger,” and named for the firm’s founder, Kevin Czinger, the 21C is being fully designed and assembled in Los Angeles, a process that the manufacturer claims is making extensive use of proprietary technology. Not many details of what that entails have been disclosed to the public as yet, but Czinger is making some lofty promises about its hypercar’s capabilities. Among them are the equivalent of 1,250hp from its hybrid powertrain, and a claimed 0-100 KM/H (that’s 62 MPH) time of just 1.9 seconds. The C21 is unique from a layout standpoint, making use of an in-line seating arrangement, with the passenger (singular) positioned behind the driver. That allows for a narrower cross-section, which leaves the C21 resembling famed Le Mans race cars such as the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP or even the original Lola T70 from some angles. Price? As the narrator intoned about Charles Foster Kane’s estate, Xanadu, in Citizen Kane, no man can say.

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