It’s a new year. Make the most of it. Start driving like a hero

If you enjoy cars, you’ve wanted to be a race driver at some point. Maybe more than once. With the stunning popularity of vintage auto racing, it can become hard to appreciate the fact that not all that long ago, old racing cars were simply discarded. They were too old, too slow, or had their competitiveness legislated away by rules changes. Hardly anybody thought of keeping them. That’s all changed now, however, and actual racing cars with documented competition histories can match the most exclusive concours lawn queen dollar for dollar when it’s auction time. That’s a fact. If you’re a person of means and more importantly, a person of ability, you may come to discover that vintage racing is a sensible hobby for you in 2020. Just bring your money and common sense, and head for the event we’re about to describe.

You can get out of the winter next month and spend it with my pal and sometimes Hemmings cohort, the acclaimed international sports car and Formula 5000 hero, Brian Redman, who now spends most of his time in Florida. His Targa Sixty Six operation will be presenting its 29th annual year of vintage motorsport gatherings at Palm Beach International Raceway in Florida from February 21 through 23. Three separate groups of vintage racers will compete on the road course during the event, which also includes a dinner and cocktail get-together. Brian is a world-class driver who won one of the final runnings of the Targa Florio aboard a works Porsche 908, and is an all-around good guy from Lancashire. He is enshrined in the Motorsports Hall of Fame in America here in Daytona Beach. If you’re interested in getting into vintage racing, going to this event is a good place to start. Check the website for details or email Brian’s son, James Redman, at and let him know we sent you.

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