McLaren hypercar’s performance is out of this world, literally

Never let it be said that the boys from Woking don’t know how to grab the attention of the automotive world. This past week, McLaren put on a pre-Christmas exercise on the long runways of Cape Canaveral in Florida. Its endless runways, designed to support space shuttle landings, were the site of some 30 top-speed runs for the under-development McLaren XP2 Speedtail hypercar prototype. Test driver Kenny Brack, a former Indianapolis 500 winner, assaulted the pavement of the Johnny Bohmer Proving Ground at the Kennedy Space Center on the Speedtail runs, achieving the best numbers in McLaren production car history for acceleration and top speed.

Its carbon-fiber bodywork slicing through the wind, the Speedtail arrowed along the Florida coast on consecutive runs that topped out at 250 MPH, with zero to 300 km/h (that’s 186 MPH) in 13 seconds flat. The Speedtail will use a gasoline/high-voltage electric powertrain that produces 1,055hp and 848-lbs.ft. of torque, making the copious performance a reality. Just 106 Speedtails will be built, each hand-assembled to individual customer specification, with deliveries starting in February. If you’ve got to have one, hit the website for details.

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