Nissan wants to keep your Christmas safe and secure

Let’s get this out of the way right now: I’ve never been particularly enthralled with Christmas and all its trappings. The annual torment of Black Friday shopping – when does it get underway now, in June sometime? – has always been an exercise in self-flagellation to me. I hate it. That said, the rituals of holiday shopping are a very big deal for most normal people, and it involves a measure of personal safety if you’re going to really do it. Criminals, especially those who specialize in burglaries from motor vehicles, positively love Yuletide shopping. It’s very easy for them to smash a window and grab the new iPad or Xbox that you left in plain site while you headed into P.F. Chang’s for a break.

Christmas is just a couple of weeks off but if you run out tomorrow and score yourself a new Nissan Rogue or Rogue Sport, you can take advantage of its optional Divide-N-Hide system for organizing and storing cargo behind the passenger seats. Depending on the Rogue model, the system allows owners to configure their rear cargo area up to 18 different ways, which can help you in hiding most anything up to giant-screen TVs from the prying eyes of thieves. Rogue features also include a motion-detecting rear liftgate that raises itself as you approach while grappling with an armful of wrapped presents, like the poor schmuck in the Nissan image demonstrates. Feliz Navidad.

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