Buy the Bronco, get the merch!

Amazon co-marketing deals are like Farrah Fawcett or Lamborghini Countach posters were back in the Seventies: They’re everywhere you look. As supporting evidence, we offer the deal just reached between Ford and the online retailing behemoth that’s set up a new Ford Bronco store on, in anticipation of the shortly arriving revival of the Jeep-fighting SUV from Ford. That’s a big story in its own right, but the Ford-Amazon alliance aims to serve as a clearinghouse for all things Bronco, regardless of vintage.

Besides apparel galore and scale models Broncos from the past, you can commemorate the budding Bronco-R off-road race program that’s being established around the revived vehicle with a whole range of goodies, ranging from baseball caps to smartphone cases. You can also select from a variety of Bronco scale models, including the radio-controlled version from Traxxas that’s depicted here. Perhaps more useful to collectors, the Amazon store will also serve as the portal for buying a whole range of Dennis Carpenter restoration parts for first-generation Broncos, which have been kicking up a storm on the auction circuit of late. Just point your browser toward the Bronco store on Amazon’s all-encompassing website.

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