100 years, 100 trees for Bentley

Bentley has marked its 100th birthday in sensational fashion, with some jaw-dropping new models, concept studies and celebrations of its storied past. As its centennial begins coming to a close, Bentley has chosen a less blazing way to mark its birthday, but one that’s deeply relevant as climate change more clearly edges toward a global emergency. In a gesture toward the future that will live forever, Bentley has planted 100 trees around the perimeter of its headquarters in Crewe, England. It’s a recognition of biodiversity’s critical importance from an automaker whose products were traditionally linked in lockstep with the most conspicuous sort of consumption.

The plantings were completed in time for this week’s observance of National Tree Week in the United Kingdom. The selection of arbor includes 10 oak trees, 15 cherry trees and a scattering of other species including maple, beech, walnut, lime and elm. The company wanted the plantings to incorporate woods whose veneers have found a decorative place in Bentley interiors for as long as the marque’s been in existence. The shockingly attractive vehicle in the Bentley image is the EXP 100 GT, the all-electric concept car that Crewe unveiled last month, which we bet has a decent chance of making it to actual production in a recognizable form.

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